December 2, 2021

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Shining a light on the nation’s favourite public servants.

Accountability Lab South Africa has opened nominations for the third year of its Integrity Icon campaign, which aims to celebrate, encourage and connect honest and exemplary public servants who go beyond the call of duty. The public can nominate civil servants working in education, health, safety and security, and justice and constitutional development. Integrity Icons are everyday heroes who are doing the right thing when no one is watching. 

Integrity Icon began in Nepal in 2015 and was so successful it led to campaigns in Liberia, Pakistan, Nigeria, Mali and Mexico. Integrity Icons from South Africa and around the world have gone on to lead important reform processes and projects in their countries based on the trust and credibility generated through the campaign. Accountability Lab is continuously engaging with them to do everything from developing national policies to redesigning curricula for civil service training schools. You can read about the winning Integrity Icons of 2018 & 2019 here

The process

Public servants working in education, health, safety and security, and justice and constitutional development – with at least three to five  years’ experience – are eligible for nomination. Nominations are now open and close on July 31, 2020. Nominations can be made via WhatsApp and on the Integrity Icon website. For Whatsapp, save the number +2760 080 6146 to your contacts and initiate a chat saying ‘hi’. We’ll guide you the rest of the way! Once nominations close, an expert panel of respected South Africans will select the top five public servants, as Integrity Icons. 

After the voting process ends, the 2020 Integrity Icons will be recognized in an award ceremony with our partners and friends. The favourite “Integrity Icon” as voted for by the public, will be honoured with an additional “People’s Choice Award”. 

How to nominate?

The public can nominate their Integrity Icons through our WhatsApp line (+27) 60 080 6146, or by filling out our nomination form on the Integrity Icon SA website.

You can follow the Integrity Icon South Africa journey on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.