Ahh where do I start? My name is Buyani Vezi. I’m a young and aspiring music and entertainment artist, better known as Coby Chaze #DaSwanchorDon. I’m co-signed to Hip Hop army Entertainment and KMG records, and I’m dressed by The Myeza twinz, founders of the clothing brand #Swanchor, I am also signed under Sysha Modelling Agency.


I come from a typical kasi home, raised by a single parent, with the biggest dreams of one day transforming what life has thrown at me into something good.

Before I could even understand what life is about, I’ve always felt like my life was an excerpt from episodes to a series of my life. I guess I figured that you will always excel at things that come to you naturally. Even though it was later on in my life, I was introduced to rap (oh boy! Should I say more?)and that’s the moment I fell in love. I remember this one time when I was 11, standing by my bedroom window anxiously waiting on a shooting star so that I could wish upon it. My wish? That one day I could be one of the most influential and successful rappers of my time that came out the gutters of Inanda.

So what is my story? I was exposed to the life of crime at a very young age. At the age of 14 I was arrested for theft. At the age of 17 I became part of a gang called The Cuban All stars and by the age of 19, I was in prison again for several criminal charges. I had talent, dreams and potential but I was a lost young man, who succumbed to the pressures of society that made me believe that I had to fit in.

When I got out of prison in 2009, I had my beautiful, God-given daughter Unathi Siyamthanda. I lost a number of my friends in that same year as well. One of my late friends, Dumisani (Dumie) Blose, had a dying wish that I should change my ways and become who I was meant to be and not what was expected of me…


Since then, I’ve pursued my passion for the entertainment industry particularly in fashion, acting, modelling and music. I’ve worked my way up as a sales rep at retail stores such as Billabong, Jay Jays, Aca Joe. The highlight of my styling career was being given the opportunity to be one of the 4 C-Squared Gateway in-house stylists, working along side well known fashion mentor and stylist, Percy Marc Ngcongo (4000 society), Silo Khanyile (fashion blogger) Njinga Mpanza (DYR FM Presenter) and Ray Stokwe (fashion stylist), to signing a contract with Sysha Modelling agency.

My highly anticipated E.P Dream Chaser is set to release soon but you can stream my latest single titled, Gugu Zindela, on soundcloud here: http://tinyurl.com/Gugu-Zindela.

My name is Coby Chaze welcome to my tape.