Siyabonga Prince Makhanya, 23, Is one of Richard’s Bay most respected and influential music writers and producers. He started taking his music career serious when he was 16 years old and as  time went by he decided to start his own Movement which is quiet an interesting part because he runs everything in his small company and he is the only artist.

LonerMovement is the name of his small company and he promotes young africans to start and control their own craft because he believes that there are more students graduating and there are less job opportunities in our country. GodPrey also introduces the new dope music sound in the Music industry, Hip Hop and RnB Industry, which he calls it “Morden Saints”

Morden Saints was created by GodPrey and LonerMovement to put it out there to the world that not every young african’s life is based on drugs and wrecklessness, but there are some out there who what to make it in life and change the world but the problem is that they dont have acces to that world, they are locked out because of what they look like or of what they do or what they have.

“I ohnestly believe that this year is about change, this year is for South African to pull up it socks, in any way. With my music I believe that I can help bring back the old South Africa, I can help attract more tourist to our country just by spreading our african stories and allow then to know the kind of lives we live in our home and the challengess we face as young africans. I really believe that LonerMoment is the only method South africa has always needed to boost the country and I have been getting ready for that and now im ready to help boost the country’s economy” -GodPrey

Email address :

FaceBook account : Godprey Africanchild

Facebook Page :@lonermovement

Twitter: @Godprey3

Cellphone no. : 078 243 3163