Born in Newcastle, 30 year old Nhlanhla Welcome Ngwenya has been appointed as the new Acting Executive Content Producer at Inanda 88.4 FM.

Mentored & raised by a single parent, his mother, Nelisiwe Florence Ngwenya. Nhlanhla says life was not easy then, his mother worked in one of the textile industries in Newcastle but managed to raise him and his brother with the little money she got. “She used to take us to stadiums if there were concerts or if Ukhozi fm visited the area. I never knew my father until 1997, when he showed up in my life”

Growing up Ngwenya used to imitate presenters on TV – he says SABC1 “simunye we are one” used to be his favourite line. He liked listening to radio with his grandfather and that’s where he fell in love with radio. “I wanted to be like the late radio legend Kansas City on Radio Zulu which is now Ukhozi FM.

Ngwenya says Challenges started back at home, like most families – they never understood the entertainment industry, they would say all the negativity associated with the industry that we all see in the headlines everyday.

“This was triggered by me saying that I wanted to go to TUT & study music. They never understood this, they said musicians die poor. But I had to find myself a job, fortunate enough I managed to get it at KFC Centurion in Pretoria”

Nhlanhla managed to then register himself at Intec College, where he enrolled in a one year radio broadcasting course. After completion he was in search for his dream job and was fortunate enough to get it at a very small in-house radio station in Chatsworth called Chats Radio. As the station was small and the fact that he was volunteering, Ngwenya sometimes had problems with money for transport.

“While I was at Chats Radio, I met Lucky Alex Khumalo who told me about Inanda FM. I was determined to join the station and sent through my application. I didn’t get a response immediately so I kept on checking until Victor Rose Junior opened doors for me in 2014”

Nhlanhla has been a part of Inanda FM since year 2014 and has produced major shows; Loxion Drive 3-6pm, Rise & Rock Breakfast 6-9am andBusiness Class 12-3pm weekly.