Over the past 8 years OnlyKetsi has been fishing for the ultimate receipe to cater to his undying day one fans, who are today part of his music making processes. introduced by his best friend of 9 years to the genre of Hip Hop, from back in his high school years (Grade 9) with his saved up lunch money, he bought the simplest, second hand equipment which could get the vocals recorded to then best DAW ever known, Cubase 5, with a couple of plug-ins missing that never stopped him from getting his bad mixed, vocal flunking songs known at his high school. Mimicked by girls, it gave Only the confidence to maneuver through the obstacles of getting that one song played on radio, not to mention taking part in small Mcee battles, that took place every Friday after school. It helped with his growth, getting knocked down by older fellas, having his beats stolen with the knowledge of them getting properly mixed for you, next thing no one takes your call, one day you hear the whole thing twicked there and there to differentiate your original sound accompanied with vocals you’ve never heard in your life.
Done for the Night, released in 2015 as a single, got the young artist signed to Strange Medley Music Group, with this occurring only a year ago, this gets to prove consistency always gets you recognized. Preparing for the release of his upcoming EP, titled ‘LOAD Opportunities,’ he will soon to release a single which has not been decided on. It makes it an easy drive to first take some years and invest in your craft, along the way, not to forgetting taking in some knowledge and understand how music as a business works.
Education: Boston Media House, Radio & Sound Engineering (Complete)
Occupation: Strange Medley recording artist, content radio producer, self employed, fashion designer and Events Coordinator
Performance Genres: Hip Hop, Boom Bap Rap
Born and raised in Soweto,Tshepiso Moeketsi a.k.a OnlyKetsi, his musical influence was instilled by the no more South African Kwaito legend, Mandoza, coping of his dance moves seen on his black and white television screen, performing was then the subject of charm for him, a crowd puller as he grew to become this well know dancer in his teen years that everybody adored. The switch was no surprise, seeing how the two were closely related to one another. In 2011 he then moved to Zakariyya Park, a surburb not far from his place of origin where he met a Sound Engineering student by the name of Cmplicty who took him under his wing. Helping with the right sound to his music, together recorded his first unreleased, 16 track mixtape titled Bigger Than Life, with singles that assisted him with obtaining airplay, Summer Time produced by Los Angelas Basek, We Good, So Good and Done for the Night which is currently doing rotations on K-Radio, Kofifi FM, Fashion District Radio and The Eye.