Mpumi, whose real name is Nompumelelo Mzobe, is gearing up for the highly anticipated release of her single Izulu (heaven), which will be available on all digital platforms this Friday.


Mpumi says, “The song ‘Izulu’ is inspired by a failed romantic relationship that I had a few years ago. “After witnessing that my experience was not exclusive to me and that many more people including some of my closest friends and family members have had their fair share at failed relationships, I felt compelled to put all my feelings around this subject into a song”.  This song talks about promises of heaven and earth that were made in the name of love, and were never kept. It talks about feelings of betrayal one feels after having invested everything, (hopes and dreams) and committed themselves fully into a relationship only to find out in the end that it was all in vein as promises turned out to be nothing more than just promises.”

‘Izulu’ will be available across all platforms this Friday, 16th Feb 2018


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