Infertility is a real issue that many couples are faced with in the modern day and age. The pain of not being able to conceive is often met with shame and a sense of despondency, yet statistics reveal that it is not uncommon – About 15% of South African couples experience fertility problems, according to Health24.

Though unconventional, there are other methods of obtaining your dream family. Gift Ov Life has been leading the way in facilitating the egg donation process for over 7 years and has successfully done over 2000 donor to recipient egg donation cycles since its inception in 2009.

Why you should consider egg donation

As previously mentioned, Gift Ov Life has been leading the industry and is rated South Africa’s number one premier egg donor program to date. Consequently, many specialists and fertility clinics recommend this method and Gift Ov Life’s services to those who are hopeful.

The process is relatively simple, and the Gift Ov Life staff are dedicated to their mission of “assist[ing] those [who] long to become parents, whether via egg donation, surrogacy or adoption.” They further pledge:

We are leaders in the world of egg donation because we put your needs, and a professional approach, before our own needs for any recognition in the work we do. It’s not about us being the most successful, it’s about you being successful. It’s not about us being fabulous, it’s about you getting pregnant.

As a donor, you are entirely supported by the Gift Ov Life staff, who avail their professional advice, experience and care to you for the entire process from start to finish and beyond. Whether you are looking to assist a hopeful family or looking to start one of your own, Gift Ov Life is there with you every step of the way.

How to become a part of the egg donation process

The process of donating your eggs is done in 7 easy steps.

  1. Register
  2. Complete an online application
  3. Become a Gift Ov Life angel and get loaded onto the database
  4. Receive a call / Selection by recipients
  5. Schedule a clinic appointment
  6. Donate your eggs
  7. Post donation care

If you are interested in being a part of this miraculous journey, please visit for more information on the organisation, previous success rates and regulations regarding the egg donation process.