The Department of Telecommunications and Postal Services (Dtps) will be hosting the SADC Ministers Meeting, for Ministers responsible for Communications and ICT. The overarching objective of the SADC Ministers for Communications and ICT Programme is to establish communications systems that are accessible, affordable, efficient, reliable, of a high quality and fully integrated to meet the diverse requirements and to ensure connectivity to the citizens of the SADC Region. Connectivity will ensure the attainment of goals for regional economic integration, poverty alleviation and Industrialisation. The Ministers program also aims to transform the SADC region into an information and knowledge-based economy.

The Ministers meeting follows from 37th SADC Summit of Head of State and Government held in Pretoria in the month of August 2017 where South Africa assumed the Chair of SADC region. This is in line with the Foreign Policy objectives of South Africa of playing a major role in the agenda of SADC Communications and ICT sector.

SADC ICT Ministerial Meeting in South Africa will focus on promoting access to affordable ICT infrastructure services, positioning South Africa as regional infrastructure hub and promoting SMMEs under the overall SADC industrialisation and regional integration agenda.

The SADC Ministerial Meeting will be hosted under the Theme “Preparing SADC for the Fourth Industrial Revolution through ICTs”