The new President, Mr Musa Makhunga is very passionate about ensuring that we lead business towards “Profit with Conscious”.

At our Annual Gala Dinner we will launch the first ever “Durban Business Code of Ethics”.

While our members might have a Code of Ethics in their respective companies, the Durban Chamber is raising the flag of Ethical Leadership at a collective level.

At a time when South Africa and indeed Africa are staggering under the perceived modus operandi  of “corruption” in doing business, the Durban Chamber is taking a view that says, while we cannot determine the governance standards of government, labour or civil society, we can make a difference by leading business to put their hand up first and commit to raising the bar by subscribing to the better way of doing business – enshrined in the “Durban Business Code of Ethics”. We believe we are leading a revolution which will eradicate corruption in our life time, by taking accountability as business for our conduct in the area of business ethics – government, labour and civil society will soon have to follow, if they still want to transact with business, are they ought to.

On Wednesday, we are starting with a dialogue session at the Durban Country Club as a build up towards the launch of this Durban Business Code of Ethics, at our Annual Gala Dinner on the 7th of September. One of our panellists at the dialogue is Dr Imtiaz Sooliman- Founder & Chairman, Gift of the Givers Foundation. He is the Founder, Director and Chairman of Gift of the, the largest disaster relief organisation of African origin. We also have representatives from big and small business.