Attridgeville’s Nhlanhla “Ash Ga 1” Maseko (27) and Innocent “Pazy Jazy” Makhanya (28) from Sebokeng; crossed paths in 2013 to form Usual Suspects.

The band started out with four members and it has since gone down to two members who stood the test of time and allowed their love for music to keep them going even when the going got tough.

The pair are respected musicians in their own right and their unique musical talents have made their sounds a breeze to listen to; as Ash Ga 1 has a strong producing background while Pazy Jazy’s performance strength makes the duo an overly talented pair.

Having started his music career while in high school; Ash Ga 1 said it’s only in tertiary that he had his ‘Aha Moment’ when he realized that he can do music for a living.

This then led to him releasing his debut EP and sold it to his friends; which in turn made him a firm favourite with Attridgeville promoters and that’s how his brand grew.

“In matric I released a single but I never took that seriously until I released my EP. I’m an all-round creative and in 2013 I founded my own record label called My Bread and Butter before going on to focus on sketch art and earning money from making potraits. Now that Usual Suspects is going in hard; it’s what I’m fully focusing on;” he said.

Though Pazy Jazy was a breadwinner at the age of 16 through his swimming talent; which saw him feed his family as a tender age; he said it’s through his sister’s friend Thabo Mosadi who introduced him to music.

“He worked with our family choir but he’s the one who taught me the ins and outs of the music industry. In 2006 I was part of the musical Umoja at the age of 20 and that’s when I learnt about performance; dancing; team work and other music industry technicalities which have since benefitted me in my career;” he explained.

He said when he started getting rejected at auditions; he learnt to handle challenges with grace hence when it seemed like nothing is happening with Usual Suspects; he remembered all the times he was rejected yet something big ended up happening later on.

The pair are signed to Thoho Records and have released their much anticipated single Aslali featuring seasoned rapper Pro and actor Bruno following the release of some of their songs in the group’s early years; such as Shangaan Way.