Black owned entertainment will enter a new era of autonomy in the creative industries as the diaspora fosters business relationships across the oceans.

Mercurial Pictures, South Africa, is proud to announce an official partnership with Phaze One Productions in the United States.

Phaze One Productions is a company established by Allen Warren, CEO of New Faze Development (one of the most successful urban developers in the United States of America) in partnership with Jay King- a Grammy award winning producer, songwriter and singer. Some of King’s most successful songs are “Rumors,” “Why You Treat Me So Bad” and a the worldwide hit classic “Lean On Me”

Allen Warren’s investment will support the Mercurial campaign of developing audiences and a business model for the creation and expansion of media networks, including building cinemas, in previously denied communities. “Our investment in Mercurial Pictures is a wonderful opportunity for us to connect with our brothers and sisters in the motherland. We believe in the project and want to do our part to help the talented entertainers in South Africa find multiple outlets for positive expression,” says Mr. Warren

The partnership between these two media companies is profound in both shared visions and high ambition of capturing, retaining and growing audiences that have been excluded from consumption of various media platforms such as cinema and experiential entertainment, as well as lacking representation both in front of and behind the camera.

Mercurial Pictures, a joint venture with Spier Films, is a film and media company with a strong history of award winning production in the feature film space. Managing Director Dr. Lwazi Manzi is passionate about establishing a true African media conglomerate for African expression. “We now look to develop a vertically integrated business model that will ensure full autonomy over our franchises from conception to consumer touchpoint. The partnership with Phaze One Productions is absolutely critical to the strategy going forward and we feel incredibly privileged to have the support of a prolific businessman such as Mr. Allen Warren.

The Mercurial/ Phase One partnership will kick off with a series of outdoor cinema experiences aimed at the emerging black market particularly in townships and rural areas, the inaugural event planned for the beginning of the July school holidays. This will be a series of tributes to African legends, cultivating an appreciation of black cinema history whilst affording the audience an opportunity to inform us of their entertainment needs.

This Partnership is also extremely grateful to the National Film and Video Foundation and the KwaZulu- Natal Film Commission for their support in the experiential campaign as well as their support in general that they have offered and pledged to South African film industry at large.