The INK Area Based Management, in partnership with Go! Durban Cycle Academy and Durban Green Corridor has joined forces to host an INK Youth Bike Tour through the townships. This event will take place on the 01st of July at the Kwa Mashu Cycle Academy.

The Bike Tour is planned to open at Kwa Mashu Bike Park to Kwa Mashu City Centre and back to close at Kwa Mashu Bike Park. The bikers will cycle across INK townships main streets. This is to inspire all general members of these communities, and instill that cycling is a sport for everyone. The Tour will also contribute in environmental awareness education. EThekwini Municipality has a big interest in activities that seeks to promote green living and cycling has been proven to be one way of living green. As a sport, cycling promotes healthy lifestyle, education, culture, youth development through sport and career opportunity for young minds. Lastly, the Tour will expose touristic beauty of INK area. After the Bike Tour, which is planned from 07h00 to 09h00, there’ll be an after event at the Bike Park. Different sports, refreshments and music will ensure the participants’ further pleasure.

The entire event will be attended by approximately 100 kids from the mentioned areas, Councillors and stakeholders.

Please join us in celebrating this incredible milestone.

Date: 01/07/2017

Venue: Kwa Mashu Cycle Academy

Time: 07h00 – 11h30h