This week saw host of the Show ‘Campus Radio’ Saturdays 4-6pm on Inanda 88.4 FM, Sifiso Kcay graduate from the Durban University Of Technology getting Advanced Diploma in Textile Technology.

Sifiso Kcay

This aspiring TV personality and entrepreneur sure did inspire the South African Youth and has emphesized that this is just the beginning.

Why did you choose to study Textile Technology?

I’m actually a very technical person, so I thought since I am a media, music & entertainment person I do need something that’s outside of the industry, something way different and challenging.

How are you feeling about your graduation?

It’s always an excitement seeing yourself taking the crown that you’ve been fighting for.

And your family?

My family is always there to support every decision I make that leads to the light, my two sisters were there for the Graduation Ceremony to show their support which I appreciated so much.

Why is this so important to you?

It’s funny because a lot of people know me as a radio/music person, but the Textile field is also of great interest to me, I am more of a multi-talented young man, I spread my wings – so yeah I just don’t want to jail myself in one field.

Why do you think it is important to go to University?

We are all born with special talents or gifts, but no one is born with a skill. So, every talent needs skills development somehow, just to polish what you were born with and advance it to higher altitudes.

What’s next for Sifiso?

Sifiso is a business man, still to continue in the business world, study further, continue making good music as a musician, continue building ‘Sfiso Kcay’ as a brand on Radio, and hopefully TV will soon be my home.