South Africa is known for its ethnic diversity and with 11 official languages, the country’s melting pot of cultures often astonishes visitors.

As part of their birthday celebrations, KZN’s biggest community radio station, Inanda 88.4 FM, recently had a photoshoot themed ‘South African Beauty’ where different groups were given tasks to go and do research about a certain tribe and find outfits that represent it.

South Africa is a colourful, majestic, and pure country and Inanda 88.4 FM is truly a pioneer in facilitating a paradigm shift. And a platform for unity and tolerance. The ambience was illuminated in the colourful cross cultural images.

“We are showcasing diversity of the community that we serve. Inanda is a very diverse, and an interesting place, there is no ethnic group you can’t find in Inanda. Even some of the areas within the Inanda Route are called Namibia, Congo etc. As Inanda is one of SA’s heritage sites we want to send a message that everyone is welcome and of course, they should take a short left to Inanda 88.4 FM” says the station manager, Thandeka Msani Ngobese.

The photoshoot emphasized that traditional clothes are one of the most creative forms of expression and one where South Africans love to show their diverse culture.

This photoshoot production was done by Aluta Humbane Productions & sponsored by Black Chic and Shampoo creations.